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Hair Removal

If you want Permanent Hair Removal, Electrolysis is the answer. At the Catherine Hayes Electrolysis Clinic, our staff are dedicated to achieving the best results for you. We are keenly aware of the psychological effects that unwanted hair can cause people. Almost all women at some time are concerned about unwanted hair on their face or body ; to some it is just a nuisance to others it can be a cause of worry and even embarrassment.

You can expect a highly skilled experienced and understanding Electrologist. The practice is hygenic and comfortable. Consultations are free, and during a consultation the area needing treatment is assessed.
The treatment is planned. (It is important that the client co-operates with the Electrologist and commits to regular treatments until treatment is no longer neccessary. Your patience will be well worth the effort.)

The length of treatment times vary, so also does the frequency of treatments depending on the amount of hair growth and the areas needing treatment. Some details about your health may be required to assess the hair growth.

We offer Permanent, medically approved forms of hair removal. Highly skilled and understanding Electrologists will assess your problem and advise on the best method for you.

Facial and Body hair is suitable for Electrolysis:

Facial Hair
Lip, chin, eyebrows, sides of face neck and nose and hairline are all suitable for treatment.

Body Hair
Chest, Nipples, Underarm, Abdomen, Arms, Bikini Line, Legs, Back, Hands and Fingers are all suitable for treatment.

With a GP's written consent hairs from moles can be treated. With treatment a mole may reduce in size and colour.

Electrolysis Prices:

Time (Minutes)
Blend & Diathermy
Galvanic Multi Needle
€100.00 (Double €125.00)

Specialised Treatments:

Test Patch (Veins)
Broken Veins (min)
Broken Veins (full)
Whiteheads & Skin Tags from



Full Leg
Half Leg
Bikini Line
Under Arm



Why Choose ElectrolysisWhy Choose Electrolysis
- Electrolysis has been proven to be permanent.
- Electrolysis is medically approved.
- Electrolysis can be used on all hair & skin colours.
- Electrolysis has been used safely and effectively for well over 100 years.
- Electrolysis is affordable.
- In skilled hands it is comfortable.
- Electrolysis gives freedom from unsuccessful temporary hair removal methods.

About Electrolysis
About Electrolysis

Electrolysis has the longest known track record for safe effective permanent results for hair removal. It is the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is suitable for male and female, from the young to the older client.

There are three methods of Electrolysis;
- Galvanic
- Short-wave Diathermy
- Blend

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Frequently Asked Question Frequently Asked Questions
Does Electrolysis hurt?
Is there much skin reaction?
Can I have Electrolysis during pregnancy?
Are all hair colours suitable for Electrolysis?
Are there side affects?
What are the Sterilisation & hygiene standards?
What about needle free Electrolysis?

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
A very common condition which can be responsible for an excessive hair growth in women is known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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