Frequently Asked Questions

Does Electrolysis hurt?
Most clients are pleasently surprised at how comfortable they find electrolysis treatment in our clinic. This is due to the excellent skill of our electrologists and the superior technology of our equipment.
What is the skin reaction post treatment?
You can expect slight reddening and occasionally a little swelling of the area that has been treated, this usually eases after about 1 hour. The following day there might still be slight inflammation depending on the sensitivity of the individuals skin and occasionally small crusts may develop over treated hair follicles, more especially when body hair has been treated.
Can I have Electrolysis during pregnancy?
There is no risk to mother or baby provided both are otherwise healthy when short-wave diathermy [electrolysis] is used. Breast and abdominal areas are best avoided in the later stages of pregnancy because of the sensitivity of these areas.
How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments will vary from person to person as each client will have a different density of hair growth. No actual figure can be determined, but you will quickly see and feel a difference and this is what gives you the confidence to continue with your regular treatments. Appointment times vary from as little as 10 minutes to several hours for larger areas.
Are all hair colours suitable for Electrolysis?
Yes, as well as dark hair, blond, red and grey hair are all suitable for Electrolysis.
Are there side affects?
There are no permanent side affects. Usually slight reddening of the area being treated occurs after treatment, but this eases after about one hour. The following day, there may be slight inflammation or irriatation but this eases over a day or two. It is important to keep the area clean and dry for 24 hours. This minimises skin reaction and risk of infection. Electrolysis is very safe and no chemicals are used.
What are the Sterilisation & hygiene standards?
Scrupulous cleaning of equipment is most important. A disposable needle is used for every client. No case of a transmittable condition or infection has been associated with Electrolysis. In most cases the skin of the client is not actually pierced.
How should I prepare for a consultation?
We need to see what your hair growth is like. In order for us to advise you on the best treatment plan we would like you to stop whatever temporary hair removal methods you are using before coming for your consultation. Ideally stop shaving or tweezing 5-7 days prior to consultation, if waxing or threading make sure there is growth there for us to see and treat on the day should you decide to have electrolysis. If you wish to treat the hairs in a mole, you will require a letter from your GP..
My friend had electrolysis and said it didn’t work, why?
There are many reasons why someone might not have the best impression of electrolysis. This is usually because of poor treatment or the client did not attend for regular treatments as advised. We can only speak for our results. Electrolysis will always work when performed correctly by fully trained experienced practitioners.